New builds

Lviv project institute provides services in managing projects of new builds, taking an active part in making a project, launching it and putting it into operation.

Performing managerial functions, LPI can act as:

  • a management company that makes it their business to perform all functions to create a unique object within a certain period of time and budget
  • a general contractor that organizes, ensures and controls building of commercial and industrial objects of any level of difficulty all over Ukraine (cooperating with diversified and highly specialized building companies, providers of materials, constructions, equipment); ensures the object is put into operation on schedule
  • a building owner that provides the whole range of services in engineering when building an object, supervises investment projects both at the preliminary stage and when the projects are realized:
    1. the pre-construction stage before the start of the project that includes engineering and economical reasoning for the project realization, calculation of the main economic indicators and creation of the business plan for the project;
    2. getting and documenting initial data for designing objects (technical conditions to install utility systems, building certification, geologic and geodesic research, etc.);
    3. preparing a project statement;
    4. providing technical support at a project stage (preparing and examining construction documents, ratifying them according to the procedure, submitting them for approval to the examining authority and the general contractor company);
    5. obtaining a permit for building, controlling the validity of technical specifications to install utility systems;
    6. organizing building management (establishing contract relations in managing a building project: choosing a general designer, a general contractor; coordinating actions of contractor companies);
    7. preparing and commissioning the object to the state committee.
  • a body of engineering supervision that optimizes works of contractor companies, ensures the quality of the carried out work and makes certain the deadlines are met:
    1. conformity of the performed works with the requirements of building rules and norms;
    2. pricing matter when agreeing the price of works;
    3. organization of works at the site;
    4. price of the performed works;
    5. price of building equipment and materials;
    6. conformity of the performed works with design data;
    7. conformity of the stages of financing with the stages of project realization;
    8. quality of the works performed;
    9. conformity of the actually performed works with those reflected in reports;
    10. participation in creating and passing a package of operational documents to the Customer.
  • a financial controller that provides objectivity of cost calculation for building, takes part in creating the plan of building financing.

Customers review +

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    " В рамках  підготовки України до проведення чемпіонату Європи   по футболу "Євро 2012" ДМС України визнала ВАТ "ЛПІ №14" переможцем тендеру на предмет: "Виготовлення проектів будівництва МАПП "Дякове", "Дзвінкове", "Косино"…

    Керівництво Виноградівської митниці відзначають високий професійний рівень та підхід фахівців інституту до даного проекту. Всі етапи проекту проводяться відповідно до календарних графіків ….  "

    Костроба Ю.Ю.Т.в.о. заступника начальника Виноградівської митниці
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    "Співпраця з ВАТ "Львівський проектний інститут №14" розпочалась у 2007 році щодо проектування нового заводу з виробництва харчових продуктів в с. Смолигів Луцького району Волинської області ...

    Корпорація Nestle висловлює подяку спеціалістам проектної компанії ВАТ "ЛПІ 14" за партнерські і ділові стосунки та рекомендує компанію як надійного і професійного партнера в галузі проектного бізнесу."

    Девід ЦіммерманнКерівник відділу будівництва фабрики