Factory for brewing and bottling beer

Business concern "First Private Brewery" Ltd. is an example of a new Ukrainian producer that comes from the Western region and has achieved success due to own efforts.

The Company started its activity in 2004. The products were brewed and bottled with the equipment of the former company business concern "Halytskyi pyvovar" Ltd. In 2005, building of the current brewery started. Engineers-consultants from Hungary and Germany constantly worked there. To increase the amount of bottled beer and kvass to 8 000 deciliters a day or 2 400 000 deciliters a year, it was planned to reconstruct the factory with the expansion of the production process.

Lviv project institute acted as a general engineer in developing the project and working documentation for the reconstruction and expansion of the existing administrative and production premises of the brewery. The project envisaged effective use of the territory, reconstructing one-storied premises into multi-storied administrative and production buildings.

79032, Ukraine,
10 George Washington Str.

Full project description

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"For people as if for ourselves"

  • Client:
    First private brewery Ltd.
  • Designing period:
  • Project details:
    Reconstruction of the factory for brewing and bottling beer
  • General contractor:
    “Olmar” Ltd.
  • Building area:
    11 300 sq. m.
  • Amount of investments:
    ~ € 5 millions
  • Design stage:
    "Working project", "Working documentation"