“MATRIX” – Business center of “B+” class

An investment project of Business Property Management Ltd.:

"Matrix", a modern business center of "B+" class, was designed to meet the needs of qualitative business conditions of the most demanding companies. The project for this Company envisages reconstruction of a 5-storied administrative building into a modern 7-storied business complex of "B+" class. On the 2-7 floors it is planned to build office premises with flexible planning according to the business-center of "B+" class requirements; in the stylobate – incoming group, a self-service store, a bank branch, a snack bar, administrative, technical and sanitary rooms.

The highest concentration of business activity in one area, which is provided with the necessary communication and services, will make "Matrix" a future center of Lviv business life.

79032, Ukraine,
2a Sadova Str.

Full project description

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  • Client:
    Business Property Management Ltd.
  • Designing period:
    2009 - 10
  • Project details:
    Reconstruction of the existing non-residential buildings into a business center of "B+" at the expense of building them up
  • General contractor:
    “Kaskadbud” Ltd.
  • Building area:
    0,78 ha
  • Floor area:
    6 200 m2
  • Amount of investments:
    ~ € 10 million
  • Design stage:
    "Sketch", "Project", "Working documentation"